Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Liberal Values Blogger Conduit

This blog was formed for the purpose of facilitating the use of my main blog, Liberal Values, with blogs established on Blogger. For example, when commenting on some blogs using Blogger, only the Blogger profile and blogs established on Blogger are easily available.

Liberal Values was established in August 2006, concentrating on the roots of liberalism in individual liberty. Liberal Values concentrates on civil liberties, separation of church and state, the war on science, and the abuse of powers seen in recent years.

While many of our readers are liberal Democrats, others are libertarians and socially liberal Republicans who object to the current Republican leadership.

Liberal Values also looks at the culture and media including a weekly feature, SciFi Friday, which deals with science fiction but frequently branches off to other types of televison shows.

This site will also be used in the event that the main blog is down for a significant period of time. Posts will be entered here and/or announcements will be posted as to the status of the main blog.